UFO is an abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Object, which means something in the sky that can’t easily or immediately be identified by the observer and it’s a term that was coined by United State Air Force in 1952.

Although UFOs have been observed for all time, the modern UFO era starts with a sigthing made by one Kenneth Arnold, which on June 24, 1947 reported seeing nine crescent-shaped shiny objects flying across Mount Rainer in the state of Washington. To the press he described the objects like “saucers that skipped across the water”. It’s here the term flying saucer comes from.

Just about two weeks later, on July 8, Roswell Daily Record reports on a recovering of a flying saucer. Later, rumors of dead aliens would also made the headlines. But to the military, it was just a top-secret weather balloon.

Roswell summaries the military and government standpoint on UFOs quite well, they know that something strange is happening, but deny any knowledge or involvement in the subject

Every year, thousands reports of UFOs are made. About 90 percent of those can be explained as unusual natural and astronomical phenomena, airplanes and balloons from strange viewpoints, and in many cases, our planetary neighbor Venus is the answer.

But we are left with those unexplainable ten percent, which by any means can’t be explained. It could be some top-secret military project or even exotic extraterrestrial visitors. But still, UFOs remains a mystery, and will probably do so for years to come.

Image top-left: An alleged UFO photographed over Devon, UK in 1972.

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Alien photographs
- London, UK, 1999 

UFO photographs:
1990 - 1999
- Puebla, Mexico, December 8, 1992
- Belgium, March, 1990
1970 - 1979
- Motonau, New Zealand, October 27, 1979
- Southern France, June 6, 1975
- Belotic, Yugoslavia, 1973
1960 - 1969
- Las Cruces, New Mexico, March 12, 1967
- Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts, January 13, 1967
1950 - 1959
- Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, October 16, 1957
- Salem, Massachusetts, July 16, 1952
- New York City, New York, March 20, 1950
1940 - 1949
- Catalina Island, California, July 9, 1947

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