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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hunting ghosts (on TV)

Today, TV is overwhelmed by programs that hunt ghosts.  We got the most famous ones like the American long runner Ghost Hunters and their British counterpart Most Haunted, which is now in their 14:th season.  But we can’t forget the newcomers. On Travel Channel Ghost Adventures was a success and a fourth season is in production, and recently Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab concluded its first season.  And we cannot not continue without mention A&E:s Paranormal State and just started Paranormal Cops. It’s a smorgasbord for the paranormal interested.

But with a lot of competition comes a big pressure of getting results, and for a ghost hunting show the pressure is even bigger. If no ghost shows up, no one will view the show and it will probably get cancelled. So in that perspective it’s understandable that some content in the show maybe made-up on purpose. And there have been some controversial, especially on the most famous one Ghost Hunters and on Paranormal State, with content that apparently been hoaxed. 

But still, I find those shows interesting and will still tune to watch ghost hunting shows when they air.