Monday, May 31, 2010

Texas family observes unknown object over Highway 183

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 21, 2010
Location of event: Texas, USA

"I was riding in the rear driver's side seat of my dad's car on the way home from eating dinner out at a local Tex-Mex restaurant. My dad, his girlfriend, her 4 year-old son, and myself were in the car. There was a beautiful sunset setting up in the west, so our eyes were on a grouping of reddish clouds in that direction.

The skies were mostly clear, including the area just above the reddish clouds on the western horizon. As we drove north on 183 A (changing back to 183), I kept my eyes on a large, cloud-like object just above the reddish clouds that were illuminated by the sunset.

I figured that it was probably a stray cloud or an afterburner trail (a very short, dense one), but there seemed to be something strange about it, so I kept track of it as I kept looking out the window. After over 10 minutes of watching it from the car, I realized that the object could not be an afterburner trail, since it hadn't changed shape or faded at all, and was far too opaque.

At this point ,I told my dad and his girlfriend to take a look in that direction. My dad was driving, so he only got a brief look at it, but his girlfriend got a good, long look at it. It appeared to be quite large and distant, but at this point we were both fairly certain that it wasn't a cloud. There was a definite contrast between the shade of gray in this object and the clouds around it.

As we drew closer to home, the object was still there... hanging in the sky, completely static as far as we could tell. The object appeared to be somewhat ovular or disc-like, but the actual shape was difficult to tell because of how distant it was. We had to stop at a traffic light, and the trees near the road partially blocked our view of that horizon, obscuring the part of the sky where the object had been.

Once the light turned back to green and we cleared the obstructing trees, the object was gone. Not moved, GONE. At this point there was no doubt in my mind that this was a craft, and one that had either moved an incredible distance in a matter of less than a minute, or gone invisible.

My dad's girlfriend agreed that it could not have been a cloud or any other natural occurrence. Once we got home and out of the car, I started looking back up at the sky to see if I could spot the object again. When we were just about ready to go into the house, I saw an extremely bright, pulsating white light in the western/southwestern sky.

I pointed it out to my father and his girlfriend, and they both confirmed what I was seeing. It was as bright as a star (or brighter), and stayed stationary for at least 20-30 seconds. Then it moved horizontally at a high rate of speed into a cloud, which obscured it from our view. We had an excited conversation about it, and went back inside the house.

None of us have a good pair of binoculars or a telescope, so we weren't able to get a close look at either craft (or was it the same one?)."

Group of unknown lights photographed near Pine Bush, New York

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: November, 2009
Location of event: Pine Bush, New York

"I was driving west on route 52, approaching Pine Bush, NY. I noticed "something strange" in the sky, and snapped the attached photo. I don't remember seeing the lights move or blink or anything. Fast forward to late April 2010... looking through my pictures on my cellphone, I found the picture I had taken and had completely forgotten about.

I do not believe there is any "missing time" or anything, but I can't be sure, as I have no memory other than that of seeing something strange and taking a picture. It just slipped my mind completely, until I found it on my phone recently.

I posted the photo to a local UFO Yahoo group. One of the members lightened it, and I am attaching that photo as well. I cannot explain what this is.

Thank you"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do ghosts haunt historic Liberty structures?

"Sometimes late at night after the cleaning crews have left and most office workers are long gone, an elderly man and woman have been seen walking with arms linked along the hallways of the Depression-era Clay County courthouse on Liberty Square.

At other times in other buildings, water runs, doors open unexpectedly, tools disappear, a shadowy presence is felt or a baby cries — all with no explanation. Are these sounds of someone’s overactive imagination, or are there ghosts hanging around town?

Those who sign up for a ghostly tour of Liberty scheduled for Saturday, June 5, will learn where there could be paranormal activity...

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Bigfoot found in Virginia?

"Sasquatch in Virginia? The creature otherwise known as Bigfoot.

At least one Virginian says "yes", and is on the hunt in Spotsylvania County.

Billy Willard operates Sasquatch Watch and says there have been 14 sightings with-in five miles of each other...

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Newfoundland UFOs still a mystery

"The unidentified flying objects spotted in January off Newfoundland remain a mystery to the government, despite extensive scrutiny, according to Department of National Defence (DND) documents obtained by CBC News.

The documents contain grainy images of a rocket with a long, fiery tail soaring skyward. The reports rule out missiles and model rockets, but don't suggest what the images might show.

Military experts discredit the possibility of ballistic and cruise missiles. DND's Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence (DSTI) assessed the images and reported: "The object is not a ballistic missile, not a cruise missile in boost phase nor a cruise missile in-flight phase. It is also not a licensed model rocket launcher...

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"Ghost" pushes pint off table

"A PINT of lager mysteriously crashes off a table — in the latest spooky incident at a haunted pub.

Sean Moore had left his drink unattended during the weekly quiz at the New Inn in Gloucester.

But as his back was turned the glass suddenly slid over the edge of the table — and the whole thing was caught on CCTV...

Video related to the article:

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Fears of a UFO invasion of northern Australia overblown

"Melbourne - Some Australians are afraid that strange bright lights seen in the Northern Territory sky at night might be the prelude to an extraterrestrial invasion of the area.

The mysterious "flares," which have been seen along a 360 kilometer stretch of Northern Australia called the Top End coast, have prompted alarm from some who believe the strange lights mean an extraterrestrial invasion is imminent. Australian authorities disagree, saying the lights were the result of meteors, reports DNA India.

DNA India, along with NT News, both cite UFO expert Alan Ferguson as having said the lights were a prelude to an invasion by extraterrestrials. Ferguson however, disagrees, saying he was misquoted...

Video related to the article:

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Unknown object makes incredible moves over Anza, California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 25, 2010
Location of event: Anza, California

"My friends and I were camping in Anza Valley, near Thomas Mountain. We had a camp fire on a ridge, and were enjoying the night. After most of my friends went to sleep, my friend and I decided to take a hike at about 3 AM. We walked approximately 100 yds up to the top of a hill that provides a 360 degree view of the valley to the north, and Thomas Mountain at south by southwest.

Upon reaching the top of the hill near our camp site, which was actually just a cut off of the dirt road south of lake Hemet off of the 74, we spent a few minutes at the top, enjoying the view, and then decided not to continue over the hill since we would lose sight of our camp fire. Once we started heading back, what appeared to be a large, bright, and consistently lit shooting star pierced the sky to the south, somewhere over Thomas Mountain.

About 3/4 of the way through the object's flight, the object sharply changed direction downward from its 45 degree descent to a straight down dive. It then disappeared behind the mountain without a flash or sound. My friend and I immediately took notice of the puzzling turn of the meteor, and verified that we both saw a projectile turn 45 degrees in the sky without losing any velocity, or having any curve at all. This was also clear through the tail that followed the object.

The tail of object followed it perfectly, creating a 45 degree angled shape in the sky, before dissipating. Also, the trail was extremely straight and clean. There was no spreading of light or particles as it entered the atmosphere. We were both so scared by what we saw, that we ran full speed back to our campsite and didn't speak of it till later the next day.

What I saw was physically impossible, no physical object can move at that speed, make no noise, and be able to turn so sharply without slowing down or even curving into the turn. It was similar to watching a neon light ignite from top to bottom, speedily filling a bent tube. Very eerie.

What we saw was real, it came from out of the atmosphere, and it behaved as if under intelligent control. We considered that the object may have exploded and split off in a downward direction as meteors may do, but decided that the conciseness of the turn and the fact that the object changed in no way other than direction, there's no way it was a meteor. I know what I saw, and now I'm a believer."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cops investigate NT UFO invasion

"A FULL-SCALE alien invasion of the Northern Territory has begun.

Astronomers and police say that the flares seen across a 360km-long stretch of the Top End coast were probably caused by a meteor shower.

But highly-qualified UFO-ologists said they believed the bright lights were space ships on a pre-attack scouting mission...

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Blue-tinged object seen flying over Tennessee

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 15, 2010
Location of event: Tennessee, USA

"I was at my house watching a storm in the distance through my window to see if it was headed this way. I was facing eastward. The sky was overcast and no stars were visible, but there was lightning far in the distance. As I was watching the sky, suddenly there was this blue-tinged object that almost looked like a very bright star just appear out of nowhere traveling from left to right in my field of vision.

There was no sparks or any kind of trail. There was no curvature to the flight path, it just flew very straight. There was also no sound or solid surface that I could hear or see.

It came in at a shallow angle towards the ground, blinked 3 times, and disappeared behind a house, but just as quickly came back up at a sharper angle then it had entered. It then changed angle again to a more level trajectory with the horizon, and blinked 3 times again as it did so.

It continued on to where I couldn't see it because the side of the house was in the way. The blinking was sequential in that the 6 blinks were as far as I could tell. all the same duration. I cannot say how far away or how big it was, I just don't know. But I do know that it was below the clouds and moving very fast.

As for feelings and reactions I was dumbstruck and stood for probably a couple minutes just trying to wrap my head around what I had just seen. I know 100% what it was not... It was not a plane, helicopter, or meteor. I see planes and helicopters all the time and I've actually seen lots of meteors and fireballs, but this was none of them.

Was it "ball lightning?"... maybe, but from the pictures I've seen of ball lightning and peoples' descriptions of it... this looked nothing like it.

The first pic is a drawing I made in ms paint that shows the full path that I saw the object moving. The second pic is an actual photo taken maybe 5 minutes later of the area.

I set the exposure to 15 seconds and increased the gamma so you can see the area clearly. In reality it was very dark outside."

Multiple unknown objects seen over Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 24, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania, USA

"I felt compelled to report what I saw last night. I was going to report anyway, but I wanted to read the last 20 reports to MUFON first. I was looking for anything that matched what I had seen. A witness in England (who had similar sighting) said sighting was at 2:30 AM. That would be 9:30 PM in the USA. I do a lot of star gazing on clear nights, and felt last night would be eventful.

I looked out a northeast-facing window and saw a yellowish, white, star-like object moving horizontally going from south to north. I thought it is probably a satellite, the ISS, or Space Shuttle. However, upon going outside with my binoculars in hand, I then witnessed at least 10 other such objects within the next 1/2 hour!

The first few went east to north. Then one came from the west going north. I then observed one coming from the southeast, which merged with what I thought were just stars! It was that one that convinced me that what I was seeing was not ordinary. After it merged, it became stationary. It seemed like there were a lot of stars in arc formations as well.

Like I said, I look up a lot at night, and I'm familiar with star positions. I didn't see anything that resembled a missile like the Great Britain witness did, but I found that report to be very close to what I saw, and not that much time difference either. I began watching the sky 1 hour later, close enough I think. We may have been watching the same display on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Oh, I should add that these objects were really high up. At the level of stars it seemed.

They moved at a somewhat normal speed, like airplanes, but definitely not airplanes. No blinking lights whatsoever. Just whitish star-like objects that could be seen with the naked eye. This all took place between 10:30 and 11:00 PM. Normal air traffic was unusually light last night. One other oddity during the event was that the song birds, that are nesting right now, were chirping very softly. This is not usual for them.

I live in the woods, and am surrounded by trees and all sorts of wildlife. I'm very familiar with their habits. Anyway, there was nothing normal about what I saw last night. My son and I witnessed one of these on 5/9/10, but I dismissed it as a satellite. Now I feel we may have seen more that night, but we went in to watch a movie.

I really feel like those who are staying indoors at night are missing the greatest show on Earth! I always knew it wasn't the circus. So long for now."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"Hunting for the elusive Sasquatch is difficult enough, but rain makes it even harder.

Billy Willard, 41, the director of the Manassas-based Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, said the din of rain makes it impossible to hear anything else.

And the rain keeps animals--even Bigfoots--under shelter...

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'Amityville Horror' home goes on sale for $1.15m

"The house made famous by the 1970s Amityville Horror film has gone on sale in Long Island, New York, with a price tag of $1.15m (£800,000).

The five-bedroom house at 108 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, gained notoriety through the film based on the story of the Lutz family, who moved in in 1975.

The Lutzes say they soon discovered that the house was haunted...

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

UFO expert investigating Colo. cow mutilations

"ALAMOSA, Colo. - Authorities in Colorado's San Luis Valley are trying to solve a series of bizarre, gruesome slaying: cows, mutilated, carved up, left to die in the fields.

Police are stumped. But rancher Mike Duran, who lost two of his cows to mutilation last December, has a theory that is literally out of this world. He says it was aliens.

"It's almost like the animal was taken away, killed, surgically manipulated and brought back," Duran told us...

Video related to the article:

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Man witnesses strange, flying object near Air Force Academy

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 17, 2010
Location of event: Colorado, USA

"I was driving south on Broadway heading to work (between Arapahoe and Mineral) I work 3rd shift. I first noticed the object coming over the tree line from the SW heading NE towards DIA. (Denver International Airport). But it could not have been more than 500' up - too low for DIA, and heading the wrong way for Centenial.

As it was approaching, I turned down my radio and rolled the window down all the way. I heard nothing (there was traffic noise though). As it was passing over Broadway in front of me, I realized there were no windows on it. The wings on it were not shaped like conventional ones, they seemed to come out to a point, and the tail section looked way too small for the "plane."

The fuselage was long and thin. I also noticed no exhaust. The feeling I had was I had seen this before, then it hit me, the Utah aircraft mystery.

Not exactly like it, but very similar. My best guess was it was 100 to 150 feet long, and I lost sight over the tree line to my left and behind me. Upon reflection it could have been coming from the Air Force Academy. A drone?"

UFO filmed in the skies above Stourbridge

"A BBC WM journalist has filmed a mysterious light in the skies above Stourbridge.

The footage was recorded at around 9.30pm on the evening of Monday, 17 May using a mobile phone.

It shows an orange ball crossing the horizon above Wollaston, travelling from north to south, before disappearing behind some trees...

Video related to the article:

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Unexplained Voices, Cold Spots, Light Anomalies? KSAX Investigates the Palmer House, Greater Minnesota's Most Haunted Hotel

"Unexplained Voices, Cold Spots, Light Anomalies? KSAX Investigates the Palmer House, Greater Minnesota's Most Haunted Hotel

SAUK CENTRE, Minn. - The legendary Palmer House Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in the nation. KSAX went inside to find out why.

"It operates today as it did in 1900," Owner Kelley Freese said...

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UFO spotted over Belfast sky

"AN east Belfast man has told of his "wonderment" at witnessing a mysterious flying object over the city's night sky.

Richard Barr was at his mother Elaine's Cregagh Road home last Friday watching television when a "huge orange light" attracted their attention.

Stunned by what they saw, both went into the back garden to investigate, only to discover further strange lights hovering above...

Video related to the article:

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Multiple unknown objects witnessed by two in New York

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 15, 2010
Location of event: New York, USA

"On Saturday evening, May 15, at approximately 9:15 PM, I was walking northeast one block west of Bellmore Ave. I noticed a dark,reddish-orange ball in the sky moving southeast of Bellmore Ave.

I followed it about one block south, when it appeared to stop over a house, then it disappeared. I then went back one block north, then turned right (north east), when I observed two more balls, one following the other, coming from the north going south.

I went and got my mother, and the two of us observed the two balls from our back yard. When the first one disappeared, two more balls appeared from the same direction as the first two and went south. This happened maybe three times for a total of eight or ten objects.

They were moving kind of slow, and each pair was evenly spaced apart. The balls were dark orange, with red swirling around inside. It looked like an orange-red liquid marble of fire. At some point I decided to get my video camera, but by the time I got back outside, the last one was gone. We waited and watched for about 15 to 20 minutes, but there were no more balls. We went in the house and in total disbelief of what we had just seen wanted to report it, but didn't know where to call.

After a little while I went home, directly across the street from my mother's house, where the second sighting took place. I realized I needed milk, so I went back to my mother's house to borrow a glass of milk, and as I crossed the street I looked towards the direction the balls were coming from... and there was another ball going in the same direction as the others.

I ran in the house, got my video camera, and managed to get about thirty seconds or so of the ball. (frame capture above right)

Thank you,

John G."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ghostly tale from 100 years ago revealed behind Lincoln Castle trapdoor

"Staff at Lincoln Castle had a shock when they opened a cellar which had been boarded up for decades and found a mysterious message.

It sounds like something from a Hammer horror film but for the castle workers it all seems spine-chillingly real.

They were sent to inspect the cellar beneath the historic building's cafe which had lain unopened for at least 30 years...

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Couple witness triangle UFO over California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 13, 2010
Location of event: California, USA

"My wife and I were coming back home after an after-dinner walk around our neighborhood. The sky was clear and the big dipper was up there in all its glory. I pointed it out, and she saw it. Suddenly, a movement caught my eye.

I thought it was going to be a satellite, and got excited to show wife something she's never seen. I started to say, "Hey, look, a satellite," but then, I stopped pointing up and said, "What is that?" It was a triangle - you could see the outline of a perfect triangle moving through the sky. In its corners was a faint gray/blue/white light, more gray and white than blue.

The lights were also triangle shaped. It moved from my back [southwest] to my front [northeast] curving slightly to east before fading out of view. The UFO was silent, no other lighting, it didn't appear to have a shadow. It seemed almost see-thru. There was an aura about it.

You could clearly make out the outline and lighting. My wife asked if it was an owl, I said, "No owl, that is a triangle." We asked each other again, but by then it had moved out of our view. I did think at first it was a satellite, but very quickly changed my mind.

My mind thought, "Oh, my God, this is a possible UFO." But I still questioned myself. My wife and I were thankful that we got to see this, we both know now that we saw a UFO.

We will never forget it."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ghostly goings on at Bulford pub?

"GIN, vodka, whisky and rum aren’t the only spirits to be found in John Sutton’s pub.

Several ghosts have been making their presence felt at the Rose & Crown in Bulford.

John is hoping a medium or a paranormal investigation group will help him get to the bottom of the strange goings-on...

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Mystery of Wem ghost solved by an 88-year-old postcard and an eagled-eyed pensioner

"It was an image hailed as compelling evidence for the existence of ghosts.

As a town hall was being destroyed by fire, an apparition of a little girl - standing behind a rail and surrounded by flames - was apparently captured on camera.

The picture was taken by Tony O'Rahilly, a sewage farm worker and keen photographer, as he stood across the road among a crowd watching the 90-year-old building in Wem, Shropshire, burn down in November 1995...

Image left: Comparison between the two girls. Courtesy of Ghost Theory.

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The postcard in its entire:

Friday, May 21, 2010

I-Team: Was the Needles UFO a Secret Military Craft

"NEEDLES, Ca. -- It's a UFO, in the literal sense -- it's still unidentified. Half a dozen witnesses say they saw something in the sky over Needles and Bullhead City or watched it being carried away by a phalanx of military helicopters. Was it a spy plane or a drone or something more exotic?

Several eyewitnesses say the mystery object blazed out of the sky in the early hours of May 14, 2008. The long cylinder with the turquoise glow was seen over Bullhead City by former cop Frank Costigan and others. It seemed, at one point, to slow down in its descent.

South of Needles, a fisherman in a houseboat saw the light pass over and slam into the riverbank 50 or so yards west of the Colorado River. Minutes later, at least four military type helicopters appeared in the area and a giant sky crane was used to haul the object into the air and away toward the north...

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Town distances itself from million-dollar Bigfoot hunt

"SILVERTON - For $250, photographers can enter to win $1 million for snapping a photo of Bigfoot in the mountains of southwest Colorado. The problem is the event's supposed sponsors and host resort have never heard of such a thing.

The hunt, advertised through the website, is the brainchild of Silverton-businessman Rick Lewis. He owns Bigfoot Central, a gift shop and "museum."

Lewis is also the recent target of several cease-and-desist letters from companies and government organizations that he implied were sponsors of his event...

Video related to the article:

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

'The UFO Man of Providence' Speaks to ABC6 News

"Last week, ABC6 News Reporter Paul Mueller highlighted some videos from the Providence area which claimed to catch UFOs on tape, locally. In those videos, one local man explained how he believed these were true UFO sightings.

Now, Paul Mueller is back with another report, and he sat down with 'The UFO Man of Providence' to talk more about the answer tot he question - "Are we alone?...

Video related to the article:

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Bigfoot: Alive and Living in Greater Minnesota?

"BENA, Minn. - Bigfoot alive and living in northern Minnesota? The co-founders of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society say, "100 percent yes."

They said they have received more than 75 reports of sightings, captured images, and Bigfoot footprints in just three years. They're sharing their insight while sorting fact from fiction as they take KSAX on the hunt for Bigfoot.

"I'm a skeptic of Bigfoot because I've trapped this whole area and never, ever did we see any Bigfoot tracks or see Bigfoot anywhere," William Tucker of Bena said...

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Couple see low-flying unknown in Florida

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 16, 2010
Location of event: Florida, USA

"My husband and I were out for a short walk after dinner in our neighborhood, when we both stopped in the middle of our conversation. We both looked up and saw this circle of light moving slowly across the sky. Obviously we believed it was some sort of airplane, and so we both stopped to take a listen.

All we could hear was the buzzing noises of an air conditioner. We live right beside the Air Force base. We know the differences in the noises of an airplane. My husband has also first hand experience because he works on aircraft.

To conclude my story I had to add that information so that its understood that both of us have never encountered anything of this sort. The "aircraft" was low, hovering above the tree tops, almost looked like the brightest star in the sky. This object appeared to be roughly 300 feet above the tree tops.

We never heard a noise of an aircraft engine, and then it disappeared shortly after a car drove past. I personally don't know what to make of this considering I truly never believed in this sort of thing. After this experience I'd truly love some real answers.

I only wished I had a camera/mini DVD. Thank you for taking the time to read my post."

Witnesses in Kentucky see multiple unknown objects

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 15, 2010
Location of event: Fort Wright, Kentucky

"I am hoping someone else saw what we did this Saturday night. I was at a birthday party, and around 10:30 PM, we were all on the front porch of my friend's house in Ft. Wright, Kentucky. Someone there pointed, I think it was to the southwest, and we saw hundreds of pulsating lights going across the sky.

It looked like a plane would look at night, but there were hundreds of them. It was a cloudy night, so they were definitely traveling under the clouds, pretty slowly across the horizon. We lost sight after they traveled behind the tree line across the street. After the majority of them were behind the tree line, we would see a couple here and there trailing behind.

I have never in my life seen anything like that before. I have been searching on the Internet to see if I can find anything on it, but have not had any luck. I e-mailed the Cincinnati Observatory, but have not gotten a response from them either. I know I am not crazy. Everyone else at the party saw it too. If anyone has any answers, please let me know. It is driving me nuts. I tried to take a video with my phone, but it did not work.

Thanks for your time."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Witness chases UFO in both Ohio and Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 14, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania and Ohio, USA

"At approximately 10:30 PM, I noticed a bright, star-like object that was stationary in the sky to the northwest of Sharon, PA. From where I saw it, this would put it over Trumbull County, OH. At first thought, I was wondering if it might be Venus, but it seemed larger than that, and I know Venus does not appear in the northwest sky.

In addition, the light had an occasional flicker as if it was a star. I thought, though, that the flicker might be coming from twigs at the tops of trees that may not have been readily apparent in the night sky from where I was seeing the light. I became curious and decided to try to get a better view, so I headed west from where I was to downtown Sharon, PA.

Once in the downtown area, the object appeared as what can be described in terms of size and brightness as an outside incandescent porch light of a house that would be about 4/10 of a mile away from where I was. The lighted object appeared just above the tree line at the top of the West Hill area of Sharon, PA. At this point, I knew what I was seeing was something unusual, because it was low in the sky and there were no blinking red, white, or blue lights surrounding it that would indicate some type of commercial or private human aircraft.

I decided I wanted to get a better look, so I proceeded through the downtown area and out the northwest side of town in the direction of the light. I had lost sight of the object for a little while until I got to an area of high ground on route 846 where the light would occasionally disappear behind trees on the west side of the highway.

By now the light seemed that it was more above me rather than so much in the distance and appeared to have a more yellowish cast. I continued to search for more open space, so I turned left at the next main intersection and headed west into Trumbull County, OH.

There are a lot of wooded areas in the area I was in, so I was searching for more open farm fields well into Trumbull County to get a better view. There were large gaps between visuals of the light because of the trees, but managed to get my best view while on route 305 about 2 to 3 miles west of Hartford Center. However, by this time the object had moved quite a distance to the northwest heading in a northwesterly direction.

At this point, although still quite large and yet at a greater distance away, the object appeared more yellowish-orange and more pulsating. I continued to pursue while on route 305 until lost sight of object behind the distant trees to the northwest of route 11. This is where I ended my chase believing that I was not going to catch up to it, and it was already about 11 PM."

Multiple unknowns seen near Salem, Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 14, 2010
Location of event: Salem, Oregon

"I was driving from Eugene to Portland on I-5, and was just south of Salem when I noticed a bright light in the sky. I assumed it was a planet at first, but then I realized it appeared larger as I continued to drive in its direction. As far as I could tell it was not moving. As I got closer, it appeared to be a glowing, white sphere that was hovering completely still directly above the freeway.

I soon saw 2 more in the distance, one of which was visible to the west until I was almost in Portland. A few miles after the first white one, I saw a dimmer, red sphere with a smaller flashing red light on one side. Then in the distance I saw what I thought was an airplane, but as I got closer I realized it wasn't moving either.

I saw two red lights and one green one. The green one slowly disappeared, and I realized the object appeared to be rotating very slowly.

I know that the McMinnville UFO Festival is going on right now, so I wondered if this had anything to do with that, but these seemed to be quite large and high in the sky, not something an amateur prankster could pull off. I haven't been able to find any mention of any aircraft or any other floating or flying objects around Salem tonight in the news or on Twitter. Hundreds of people must have seen them.

They were very clearly visible from the road. Does anyone know what they were?"

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Zealand man 'attacked by vampires'

"A New Zealand man claimed he was bitten by three people who allegedly drank his blood during a vampire-style attack in the dark.

Details of the bizarre late night incident on Mount Victoria, an unlit beauty spot that overlooks the capital, Wellington, emerged after two people appeared in court jointly charged with wounding with intent to render a man unconscious.

James Phillip Brooks, 22, and Xenia Gregoriana Borichevsky, 19, were both remanded on bail without entering a plea...

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Haunted Berwick playhouse: Paranormal group says Hackmatack home to ghosts

"BERWICK, Maine — BOO! The Hackmatack Playhouse is haunted, according to a group of ghost-hunting paranormal investigators.

Everything Paranormal of New England said it detected the spirits of a singing woman and a very angry Native American on the playhouse property.

The good news?

"They're not going to hurt anybody," said the group's founder, Renee Alling...

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Documentary - Code Red

UFO Hunters - Code Red

Information from Wikipedia:
The team interviews military air traffic controllers who have come forward about tracking UFOs over restricted airspace and the security alerts that followed.

Tip - Let the other clips load while watching the first part.

UFO photographs - Southern France, June 6, 1975

This photograph was taken in the southern parts of France on June 5, 1975. This photograph is taken from the Gendarmerie Nationale UFO Files, which not gave more information about the photograph.

Bigfoot in East Texas

"For years, people have claimed sightings of a large, human-like creature in the thick woods of East Texas.

About 500 people recently gathered in Tyler for a Bigfoot Conference to share their personal confrontations with the creature. Speaker Daryl Colyer, who has had an encounter with the beast, said he heard the legends and stories from families when he was growing up.

Colyer’s own encounter with Bigfoot occurred near the Trinity River in Liberty County. He and his wife were walking along a trail at dusk when they spotted a large, hairy figure with a musky smell...

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dog walker photographs Victorian Age ghost in park

"A man, Paul Reed, who was out walking his dog has spoken of his amazement after photographing what he claimed was a Victorian Age ghost in a park.

The father of two was walking thought Kelsey Park in Beckenham, Kent, when he spotted the phantom appear behind a park bench.

The 46-year-old said he was walking pet pooch Harry in the park this week when the spook - a woman wearing Victorian-style dress - suddenly materialised...

Image left: The photograph in question.

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Police flooded with UFO sighting reports after residents see large, tube-like object over Somerset County

"SOMERVILLE -- Somerville police were flooded with phone calls this morning after residents reported seeing a large tube-like object fluttering through the sky.

Police said they were swamped with phone calls after a flurry of callers reported to radio station NJ 101.5 that a UFO was flying above the area. Residents then began calling the Somerville Police Department to report the object.

“I first noticed when all our mechanics started looking up at the sky,” said Terry Weil, a sales associate at Honda Autosport in Bridgewater. “It looked like a big black strip fluttering in the air. Maybe a cylinder...

Image left: The object in question.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Britain's new Prime Minister promised UFO disclosure

"Britain's new conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, might trump U.S. politicians on a galactic scale. According to a 2009 report by BBC, "David Cameron has vowed to publish any secret files that may exist on UFOs if he becomes prime minister.

Speaking at one of his regular Cameron Direct public meetings, he pledged to be 'open and frank' with any government knowledge about close encounters...

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Bigfoot Mating Season Underway In Florida Everglades

"OCHOPEE, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Bigfoot mating season is underway in the Florida Everglades and the furry, horny creature is out for blood.

Dave Shealy, an RV park owner in Ochopee, Florida, is the leading researcher of the Skunk Ape, Bigfoot’s “smaller, smellier cousin.”

He says there are seven to nine Skunk Apes currently living in the Everglades and right now is the best time to spot one because it’s their mating season...

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

'Ghost' spotted at Selby Town Hall

"A MYSTERIOUS man dressed in old-fashioned clothes has reportedly been seen stalking the rooms of Selby Town Hall – and for once it is not the mayor.

The ghostly figure was seen by a member of the town council’s staff who was locking up the town hall, a former Methodist chapel, last Tuesday afternoon.

The employee did not wish to be identified, but Selby mayor, Coun Steve Shaw-Wright, told the story on her behalf...

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Witness spots triangle UFO over Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 6, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania, USA

"Actually reporting this from a description my brother gave me. What makes this more credible is that he is a UFO "non-believer" and is not much of an Internet user, so he hasn't had exposure to what may be posted by others. He called me on the morning of March 6 to talk about another issue, and near the end of the conversation said, "Oh, by the way, I saw the strangest thing last night while driving up my road."

Image left: Witness depiction.

He came to a stop sign, and happened to glance through the top part of his windshield just in time to see what he first thought was a shooting star. He then realized it was not a meteor and told me he still wasn't sure what it was. I asked him to describe it and when he said "triangle shaped," it got my attention quickly.

He said it was moving extremely fast, much faster than anything he had ever seen before, and covered the sky in 2 or 3 seconds. It made no sound and traveled in an arching motion like it was following the curve of the Earth. He estimated that it was at least 10,000 feet up, maybe more. He also said it had to be quite large due to the altitude and relative size when compared to the stars.

It was traveling from north to south towards the Tarentum/Harmarville area. I asked him if he could sketch it and he said he could. He described the huge light on the bottom of the craft, and the outside edges were lit along the entire length, and several large lights in the back.

The lights seemed blurry/hazy, and left sort of a streak, but he figured it was due to the extreme speed. I went to his house the following weekend and brought along several print-outs of triangle craft since he had never seen a photo of one before.

He was amazed to see how close his drawing was to others. To this day, he said he still doesn't believe in UFOs, but he is sure that what he saw was not any type of known airplane or military jet. I re-sketched the craft based on his drawing, which was on a torn out line piece of paper, so I figured it would scan clearer if I re-did it.

The main difference to note on this craft is the lack of lights at each point. All of the lights were white and had no blinkers. I am hoping someone else out there has witnessed this type of craft, especially the extreme speed. He told me that if he didn't happen to glance up at just the right moment, he would have never seen it."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More ghosts in the Valley? Why 1 city is getting attention

"TEMPE, AZ -- The unknown is attracting more and more paranormal investigators to one corner of the Valley these days.

Whether you believe in ghosts, spirits, or an alternate universe, what many are reportedly experiencing in Tempe may send goose bumps down your spine.

Some well known businesses in the heart of the city are actually paranormal hot spots...

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Halesowen ghost-busters searching for 'phantom' in Romsley

"GHOST-BUSTERS from Halesowen are hunting ‘a phantom figure seen along the Bromsgrove Road’.

The local paranormal research group, Parasearch, received reports of the alleged ghost in Romsley last week with the latest sighting occurring on the night of Monday May 2.

Parasearch chairman David Taylor said: “As the witness was driving home down the Bromsgrove Road towards the Manchester Inn, he was startled to see he figure of a young woman standing by the side of the road...

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Indiana woman sees glowing UFO in clear daylight

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: early 2010
Location of event: Indiana, USA

"I had a really bad breakup with my boyfriend a few months back and decided to clear my mind. I grabbed a chair and sat on the balcony. The day was BEAUTIFUL. There was not a cloud in the sky, and it was broad daylight. I was looking at the sky as I always do when I reflect.

It makes me feel closer to God and I talk to him when I look at the sky. As I was looking, there was an HUGE object that was shining brighter than the moon would, had it been out, and the light seemed to constantly change shape. It was a glare like the sun, except it didn't hurt my eyes to look. I immediately knew what it was. There was no question. I ran in a got a family member who was napping at the time so that she could view it.

We watched it on and off for about an hour before I tried to take pictures of it on my camera phone, but it would not show up. After a couple of hours, the sky got much darker and you could see it more clearly. By this time, there were two more smaller crafts that had been released, one to the left and one to the right.

They were blinking in a pattern unlike anything that I can describe. Almost like they were communicating with the bright craft. The craft was so bright that I could not tell its shape. A little while after that, it moved.

At first it was directly up and slightly to the left in the sky. Then it appeared much lower farther right. The smaller craft were going in circles in their positions. When I came back to check again, they all had gone.

I never felt scared. I was smiling and excited. As strange as this is about to sound, I was trying to see if I could communicate mentally with it. I asked it to change its colors but it never did. It remained so bright, the light almost looked yellowish.

I started to get in my car and drive nearer to it, but I did not want to miss much. God is AMAZING! Truly fascinating this was."

Man sees multiple lights in triangle shape in Indiana

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 3, 2010
Location of event: Indiana, USA

"I went outside around 10:25 PM to smoke a cigarette. I was standing on back deck which faces south. The object appeared in the night sky heading in a northwest direction. Six iridescent white round lights on each side in a large V-shape was low in the sky.

There was no sound, the movement was very smooth, almost like it was gliding. The sky was overcast, not a lot of moonlight The object did not put off light, and the formation never changed, the direction never changed, it never ascended or descended.

I lost sight of the UFO when it passed over my neighbor's roof line, and my view was blocked. I want to know what this was. I have no explanation of what this could have been, I cannot explain it away as being an airplane, helicopter, weather balloon or flares.

I want to know if anyone else saw this or reported it to the airport, police etc. I have lived in this area my entire life and never seen anything like this."

Monday, May 10, 2010

History mystery: Mongolian death worm

"Cryptids are animals that, like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, have supposedly been sighted a significant number of times, but are not known to exist for certain. The Mongolian Death Worm is yet another monstrous addition to this category of mysteries. Its existence cannot be proved, but it can also not be denied.

The Mongolian Death Worm is thought, by some, to reside in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Its habitat is thought to be the hotter, southern part of the desert. It reportedly lives in the sand, where it spends ten months out of the year hibernating in burrows. It comes out of the ground in the months of June and July. It is said that it can only be seen above ground when it is, or has been, raining...

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Two witness unknown object hovering near Charlotte, North Carolina

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 30, 2010
Location of event: Charlotte, North Carolina

"We were sitting in the living room of a third story condo watching a movie around 9:30 PM. The sliding glass windows face south towards a man-made lake.

I suddenly noticed a bright light in the sky that didn't seem to be moving like an airplane or helicopter. It hovered about 500 feet above the center of Charlotte, and did not move. There were no flashing lights like an airplane or helicopter would have. It had an orangish light eminating from it.

Two unidentified craft suddenly moved toward it and one hovered close for about 3 minutes and the other moved away and was determined to be some sort of airplane. The second craft finally moved away from the unidentified object in the sky.

We sat and watched in awe as the unidentified object slowly started moving up in the sky about 100 feet up and towards the condo. It sat there for another five minutes before going back to the spot it was in to begin with. The light never changed shape, color, or brightness.

The owner of the condo suggested that we take pictures of the unidentified craft. We took several pictures of the things in the sky. One of the witnesses stayed out on the deck and watched as yet another unidentified craft approach the first craft.

It also hovered near for a few minutes before it too, took off in the opposite direction. Around 10:00 PM, we noticed that the object in the sky started to diminish in size and brightness, until it disappeared in the night sky.

We looked at the pictures and question whether or not anyone could make out anything in them, but we are still enclosing them just in case."

Couple see white UFO flying in and out of multiple jets in Tennessee

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 3, 2010
Location of event: Tennessee, USA

"I had just walked out of my garage which faces to the northern sky. I heard a tremendous rumble, and quickly started scanning the sky due north. I noticed at least a dozen fighter jets in semi-formation, about the second I realized what I was seeing, I noticed a quick-moving object flying north to south in and out of the formation. It was solid white.

The planes were flying west to east by northeast. The object was whizzing in and out of the formation, it was amazing - the roar of the planes was deafening - they were flying so low - I started screaming for my wife to come and see. I guess I wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy - I just can't tell you the sound of the planes was so very loud. We live within 10 miles of the local Air Guard and McGhee Tyson Airport - so we see smaller commercial jets everyday - a few Apache Copters, and one to three fighters, and of course the Refueling tankers (C130s) all the time.

We have never seen anything like this in my 12 years here, not even close - EVER! My wife has lived here for 36 years, and never seen anything like this. They were basically encircling the object, all the fighters had red lights, not flashing or white, just red, which is not the norm either.

It was very easy to see that the object (white) was moving in and around them - AMAZING! Every dog in the neighborhood was going crazy, we had line of sight with the planes for about 45 to 60 seconds and only saw the object for about 30 because of the tree line. But there were 3 jets coming up right after they went past flying in a line side by side, following the circle of planes in front - we could hear them for at least 4 minutes after passing, that’s how loud it was."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Haunted places – The White House, Washington D.C.

As extraordinary as it may sound, the residence of one of the world’s most powerful persons may very well be haunted. 1 600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C is the address for the White House and is the home for the President of the United States.

The White House has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the world. Hillary Clinton (wife of former president Bill Clinton) have said: "There is something about the house at night that you just feel like you are summoning up the spirits of all the people who have lived there and worked there and walked through the halls there." On the “Rosie O'Donnell Show,” the former first lady noted: "It's neat. It can be a little creepy. You know, they think there's a ghost there. It is a big old house, and when the lights are out it is dark and quiet and any movement at all catches your attention."

Image left: The White House at night.


William Harrison, president exactly one month between March, 1841 and April, 1841, is said to be heard rummaging around in the attic of the White House. Andrew Jackson (president 1829 to 1847) is thought to haunt his White House bedroom. And the ghost of First Lady Abigail Adams was seen floating through one of the White House hallways, as if carrying something.

The most frequently sighted presidential ghost has been that of Abraham Lincoln. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Roosevelt, has said that she felt the presence of Lincoln while working in the Lincoln bedroom. Also during the Roosevelt administration, a young clerk claimed to have actually seen the ghost of Lincoln sitting on a bed pulling off his boots. Also did Calvin Coolidge's wife report seeing on several occasions the ghost of Lincoln standing with his hands clasped behind his back, at a window in the Oval Office, staring out in deep contemplation toward the bloody battlefields across the Potomac.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

UFO photographs - Motonau, New Zealand, October 27, 1979

This photograph was taken in Motonau, New Zealand on October 27, 1979. Two former New Zealand Air Force photographic analysts have deemed the photo to be real. This is one of several photographs taken in the morning of October 27, but its only that shows the UFO. No one reported seeing or hearing an object in the sky at the time.

Day center staff spooked at night

"COUNCIL staff are refusing to work after dark — because they fear their building is haunted by GHOSTS.

Terrified day centre staff say unplugged printers have started printing, computer keyboards have been suddenly overturned and furniture has been mysteriously moved.

The workers even noticed the smell of BLUEBELLS drifting through rooms as objects fly off walls...

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Russian politician claims he met aliens on Moscow balcony

"A senior Russian politician claims to have met aliens on the balcony of his Moscow apartment, prompting critics to question his suitability to head up the World Chess Federation and run an internal Russian republic.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the President of the republic of Kalmykia, made the extraordinary comments on Russian state TV last week, claiming he spent several hours in the company of aliens in 1997.

He said he was relaxing at his Moscow apartment when he heard his balcony door being opened and someone calling him. "I went there and looked. There was a semi-transparent pipe. I went into this pipe and saw people in yellow spacesuits...

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The Road to Area 51

"Area 51. It's the most famous military institution in the world that doesn't officially exist. If it did, it would be found about 100 miles outside Las Vegas in Nevada's high desert, tucked between an Air Force base and an abandoned nuclear testing ground.

Then again, maybe not-- the U.S. government refuses to say. You can't drive anywhere close to it, and until recently, the airspace overhead was restricted--all the way to outer space. Any mention of Area 51 gets redacted from official documents, even those that have been declassified for decades...

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Friday, May 7, 2010

UFO spotted during drive home from Vancouver

"I read your article Monday, April 26, in The Daily News, Don’t Touch The Aliens.

Although it may be difficult for some to believe, my wife and I had a very unusual experience. We were coming back from Vancouver in 1980 and as we passed on the highway above Ashcroft we heard a humming sound.

Looking above the windshield there was a space ship about 50 feet in diameter and (just guessing) about 20 feet in depth at the thickest part. It hovered over us, the wife was terrified. I just thought I could out run it...

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RAF man in new UFO mystery

"ANOTHER UFO has been spotted over the skies of Inverness. The sighting of "an orange fireball" in the sky over the city on Sunday night was reported by an RAF serviceman and his wife.

Their description of the object is similar to that reported by Culloden man Rob Jackson who in March told the HN he had seen a UFO four times over Nairn and Inverness.

Further claims of UFO sightings in the area followed...

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Mysterious, cylindrical UFO spotted over Richmond, Virginia

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 30, 2010
Location of event: Richmond, Virginia

"During my daily exercise walk, I spotted a mysterious cylindrical (cigar-shaped) UFO hovering low over a suburban section of Richmond, Virginia. I noticed the craft during beautiful weather and clear skies at approximately 6:30 PM, while walking east down Riverside Drive on the south bank of the James River.

I was casually scanning the scenery and wildlife along the river, gazing northeast toward the north bank of the river and greater Richmond. The cigar-shaped craft, perhaps the length of a football field, appeared to be a dull metallic fuselage with light and dark sections fore, aft, and amidships.

There was no writing on the craft or standard markings, no advertisements like you would expect on a blimp, and it did not appear to be a conventional blimp, derigible, or zeppelin of which I am familiar. I did not see any fins, stabilizers, rudders, or conventional propulsion systems. It was not a balloon, plane, or helicopter. I did not hear any noise coming from the craft.

There were no lights of any kind (at first), no FAA port/starboard (red & green) navigation (running) lights, no headlight and no tail light, even though most conventional aircraft would be required to have such lights turned on during dusk hours, especially while operating at extra-low altitude for safety reasons. The cylindrical UFO was hovering low, at perhaps 1,500-2,000 feet, over what I believe was an affluent section of Richmond. I used a tall bell tower (spire) at Richmond's Dogwood Dell Carrilon (Maymont Park) as a point of reference.

From my location during the sighting, the tower is a few miles downriver on the northside of the James River, and the cigar-shaped UFO was hovering perhaps .25-.5 mile inland from the river maybe 1-3 miles west of the Carrilon bell tower, perhaps over historic Agecroft Hall."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

UFOs spotted over Hounslow West

"HOUNSLOW is known for it's large amount of aeroplane activity however it seems more mysterious types of flying object have also been visiting the borough.

A number of people in Hounslow West have reported seeing a UFO with five lights travelling across the sky, shortly followed by military crafts, and a young woman from Brentford spotted an unnervingly bright light.

Michal Czyz, 28, was barbecuing in his garden on Sunday evening when he and his four friends spotted five unusual lights travelling across the sky for about 10 seconds, before simply disappearing...

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Chinese whispers blamed on ghost

"NOT BOTHERED: Baker Maurice Piner has been working alongside what may be the ghost of a Chinese immigrant who hanged himself in 1891 on the site of what is now Phil's Bakery on Gresson St, Greymouth.

The tragic tale of a Chinese thief may explain the ghostly goings-on at a West Coast bakery.

Baker Maurice Piner has been bothered by mysterious voices, creeping shadows and things going bump at Phil's Bakery in Greymouth...

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Jersey Devil: Horrific Fantasy or Genetic Mutant?

"(May 4) -- It prowls desolate, forested parts of southern New Jersey, killing livestock, leaving behind odd footprints and filling the night air with chilling sounds.

At least that's how legend and folklore describe the creature known as the Jersey Devil. (Not to be confused, by the way, with the New Jersey Devils, the professional hockey franchise named after the legendary creature.)

At the Paranormal Museum in Asbury Park, N.J., a recently opened exhibit features a variety of artifacts, including reproductions of a Jersey Devil skull, drawings and relics...

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Couple see disc shaped UFO hover near home in Missouri

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 28, 2010
Location of event: Missouri, USA

"I was getting ready for bed last night when I noticed a white light outside that shouldn't have been there. I went to the back door and looked out, and there was a large disc-shaped craft that looked like it was about 50 feet in diameter floating about 30 feet above my fence, which is 125 yards from my house.

The light was coming out from the bottom of the craft, and lit up the ground and fence underneath it very brightly. I called my wife, who was in the shower, to come quick to look and she saw it, too.

It just stayed there for a while, took off very fast and was gone in a couple of seconds. We were both too scared to do anything - even to get the camera. I don't know why I didn't get the camera.

I was going to call the police to make a report, but my wife said they'd just think we were crazy, so I didn't call them. I got on the internet today and found this site to make a report. If anyone else saw this I'd like to know about it. But don't use my name or address in anything - I don't want anyone to find out about this.

I just wanted to tell someone in case you can do anything. I looked at the ground this morning where the light was shining on it, but didn't see anything. This is just so weird - I have never seen anything like it and don't want to again. I hope they don't come back. They were obviously not ours - the craft moved way too fast."

Cigar shaped UFO with attachment seen over Rustburg, Virginia

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 30, 2010
Location of event: Rustburg, Virginia

"I was at work making a delivery to a grocery store. After I parked my truck, I proceeded to walk around to the front of the grocery store to wait for them to open up, it was 06:47 AM. As I turned the corner of the building to my right, I noticed an object in my left corner-vision, above the tree line between 2 and 3 miles away.

This object appeared to be at least twice as high as the tree line, and moving slowly from the south to east-northeast. The sky was clear blue, no clouds at all, and the sun was up in the east. This object had no fins or wings visible of any type, and no engines visible. It was simply a straight cigar or cylinder shape with some object below it or attached to it.

It had no rotors or wings, and made no noise. It moved slowly and straight. This was absolutely baffling. I have been a fan of Ufology for many years, but I never expected to see something this odd and in the bright, clear sky. This object flew over the outskirts of Rustburg, Virginia, slightly to the south. In my military career since the late 80's with the Navy and Army, I have never seen anything like this. I have worked in Naval Intelligence 20 years ago, and studied all types of conventional and unconventional aircraft, I'm in the Army National Guard and have seen UAV aircraft in Iraq, this was different.

Thanks for listening,


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bright light was UFO says East Texan

"NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Nacogdoches man gazed into Sunday night's sky, and was transfixed by mysterious bright shapes. He says he saw a UFO. "It was just sitting up there, just bouncing up and down, bouncing up and down, moving back and fourth," said Albert Davis.

He was driving home from work with his family when bright, flickering lights caught his eye. "We knew it wasn't from here on Earth because...we've seen jets flying around and I don't think [it was] jets," said Davis. "We knew jets couldn't make the moves it was making...

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Sighting of "UFO" over Filey provokes interest

"STRANGE sightings have been spotted in the night sky over Filey. Resident Mark Rigg contacted our sister paper the Filey Mercury after capturing this image of an unusual orange glow flying above the town.

Mr Rigg said the light appeared just after 9pm and caused great interest amongst his family who were convinced it was a UFO...

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Monday, May 3, 2010

In search of the skunk ape

"VALDOSTA — Referring to the Skunk Ape story in last week’s editions of The Valdosta Daily Times, the man’s voice paused on the recorded phone message.

“... I saw it.”

The Times received calls from readers who believe they have seen what may be a Skunk Ape in South Georgia. One reader account came from Brooks County, the other from Berrien County...

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Three witness UFO over Columbus, Ohio

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 18, 2010
Location of event: Columbus, Ohio

"My son, a friend of his and I were driving west on E. Hudson Ave in Columbus, OH, at about 11:30 PM, after dropping off one of their friends. I was driving about 25 mph on Hudson on the way to catch the I-71N entrance ramp. Several blocks east of 71, I first saw lights in the sky, very low, about 1,000 ft up and slightly to the south of us - it was not directly overhead, but was in front of us and off to the south side and was surprisingly low.

It caught my attention because there seemed something odd about it, and as our truck moved forward, I realized the lights remained stationary. My rational mind tried to make sense of it - helicopter - no, plane - no, blimp - no? It was silent, and there were no blades or wings.

The object had a very large, white light that was self-contained (meaning it did not radiate light), and then an odd or kind of random configuration of red lights. The red lights were not "in order" e.g. not in a line, circular, or discernible pattern and the white light was very vivid, about the size of the full moon when seen in a clear night sky (except this was very close).

None of the lights were blinking - they were all steady. I said to the passengers (son in front passenger seat, and friend in back seat of F-150 truck), "Do you guys SEE that?" My son said yes, he had already been looking at it, and the friend in the back then moved over to the south side of the seat to look out the window, and said yes, he saw it, too.

We were kind of gob smacked and I said "What the hell IS that?" and came to a dead stop in the street. We all looked up and over at it as it continued to remain stationary. Thankfully no one rear ended me when I stopped, but I don't believe there were any other cars or people on the street, although we really don't remember.

We watched it for 10 or 15 seconds, and then I immediately pulled into a gravel parking lot on the north side of the street that was directly opposite of where we were stopped. The night was pretty balmy, so the two front windows were down. My son leaned far out of the passenger window, kind of sitting on the ledge facing south, so he could see.

The friend could see it from the driver's side backseat window on the south side of the truck, and I could clearly see it from the driver's side. I heard no sound whatsoever, although my son and his friend (in their teens) said they heard an almost imperceptible hum. My hearing has lost some of the highs and lows, so I am not surprised that it seemed silent to me, and I trust their hearing more than mine.

We continued to watch it hover for another minute or so, and then it began to move east (the direction we had just come from) in a straight line at an incredibly slow speed. It was just creeping along at such a slow pace that we were able to watch it for another 20 seconds or so. None of us are sure whether it moved out of our line of vision below a tree line or something, or if it just disappeared.

Regardless, we watched it until it was no longer there. We don't really know how it went away. When were stopped in the street and before we moved to the parking lot, while we were watching it my son blurted out, "Who are they looking for?" in an alarmed voice. I was struck by this because that thought never occurred to me, that "they" or "it" were looking for someone, and when we discussed it later, my son did not remember saying this.

The three of us were just stunned - "What was it? What was it?" We discussed the fact that it could be some a military thing, but if so, it was unlike anything in our experience and was not conventional. We all thought it was a definite UFO, in that we know we saw it, and it remained unidentifiable to us.

It was very difficult to get any sense of the shape of the craft because the ambient light and the white light made it difficult to see beyond the white light to what it was attached to, or what was behind it. To me it can best be described as lights with a kind of dark mass behind them. My son has the sense that it looked more like an odd kind of plane than anything else, because he thinks there was a long, front edge similar to a plane when viewed from the front, wing-tip to wing-tip. He does NOT believe it was a plane, though, and neither do his friend or I.

We all agree it was an unidentified object, either an unknown military craft using reverse technology, or an alien craft. It was not triangular, spherical, oblong, and it was also not a helicopter, plane or blimp.

The three of us have no idea what it was or whether anyone else saw it. When we drove home, we all talked about it but could not ID it. The only other odd thing that happened was after we dropped of the first friend and BEFORE the sighting, my son, his other friend and I were driving in the truck and there was a very uneasy vibe in the truck.

Then my son said "Tonight is a weird night - let's just get the hell home." I knew immediately what he meant - we were all quiet, and no one was talking and things just felt off, just before he made that statement.

I said, "Yes, that's what we're doing," and then on the way, about 2 minutes later, we had this experience. I do believe my son has had previous encounters, and the fact that he was alarmed about the craft looking for someone makes me think that if it was an alien craft, it has something to do specifically with him and that his friend and I were along for the ride."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Searching for Sasquatch here in South Texas

"LEAKEY, Texas - Last fall, after several people called police saying they saw something that looked like Bigfoot on the Northwest side of San Antonio, we were contacted by a group of men who call themselves Bigfoot investigators. They said they're convinced that Sasquatch is here and probably always has been. So, our Delaine Mathieu said -- prove it!

Last December, a homeless couple in San Antonio called 911 saying they saw something in the woods off Highway 151 and Culebra. "I would be a liar if I said I thought I knew what it was, but I don't know. I know it picked up that deer and walked," reported the caller. Police checked it out, but nothing was ever found...

Part of an article from WOAI - Continue reading

Man witnesses odd, diamond shaped UFO in Australia

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 30, 2010
Location of event: Australia

"I had just got home from my cousin's place with my Mrs and decided to take my dog for a walk, we got about 20 meter up the street when I heard some weird bird noises from one of the nearby trees (I think they were bats ). We continued on down the path, then I heard a lady yelling some profanities, and heard a car screech off down the road.

I was thinking to myself "Must be a full moon," as we walked into the local high school football oval where I always walk my dog. I instantly noticed what I thought was a bright orange star in the southeast, (I was standing at Cranbourne High Secondary College in Cranbourne Victoria, 45 min from Melbourne).

I looked at it for a little while then thought, "Huh? Is that a chopper or just a bright star?" I turned my head to see if I could hear any noises - there were no obvious sounds, so I thought "must just be a star."

As my dog was having a sniff, I noticed a guy taking out some trash or some bottles or something from the high school's theatre, I think they had a show on. I watched my dog for a little while, then about 3 minutes later after witnessing the object, I looked up and noticed it was much closer. It had moved in the night sky, and was headed my way, I was looking southeast and it was headed northwest. I watched it intently, trying to figure out if it was a plane or what.

I listened and noticed again there was no obvious noise, I could see flashing lights on it similar to what a plane or chopper has, and again I thought "Uh, must be a plane," but as this thing got closer I noticed it didn't have the shape of a common aircraft, it was almost silent, but then I noticed there was a faint jet noise trailing the object, however the noise was nothing like a commercial jet plane or anywhere near as loud. The thing kept cruising along and must have been about 5 - 8 kilometers away, and if I were to describe its size, I would say it was twice the size of a commercial airplane.

So as I stared at it and noticed the lights first - they were a deep, red and orange, first the red would glow in an odd kind of pattern and then the orange would go off around the sides, the red lights seemed to be coming from underneath the craft and the orange from either on top or around the sides. If I were to count the lights, I would say there was about a dozen small, red lights on the underneath, and I have no idea how many orange ones, the craft seemed to be a kind of odd diamond-shape, but had 3 dimensional qualities to it.

The speed would have been about 150 - 300 km per hour. I felt very excited the whole time. I lost sight of the object because I thought about running home, which was only about a hundred meters away to grab my girlfriend, but realized that by the time I got there, the UFO would be gone, as this went through my head the object vanished behind the trees and then got too far away to see."

Motorists sees large triangle over Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 21, 2010
Location of event: near Allentown, Pennsylvania

"I was taking my daughter to her father's house, leaving from Allentown going towards Kutztown. It was 7:40 PM when we left. We were traveling on Shantz Rd. Near the police station when I just turned my head to look out the window and I saw this large light over the industrial park. What really caught my interest was the color and size.

It was this red-orange light that just pulsated. I was driving, so I put my eyes back on the road and I asked my 10-year-old daughter if she saw it. She looked over and said, "Yes, what is that?" She kept an eye on it and realized it was not moving. We then went over the hill towards the winery, and we looked back to try to see it again and we couldn't. It was too low to see over the hill.

So we just dismissed it, and went on our way to Kutztown. The best way I could describe this was if you could imagine a low-flying air plane that was just a ball of pulsating light and didn't move. That's how big it was. So I dropped my daughter of in Kutztown a little after 8 PM and started heading home. I get to where I turn of on 222 to Shantz Rd. There is a gas station right there.

I passed the gas station and just look toward the Terri Hill Water Park area of 222. My heart dropped! I saw three extremely large lights of red-orange like the size of a full moon all in a perfect triangle shape. The lights spanned maybe the half the size of a football field.

I couldn't believe how low and large it was. I thought to myself I need to get a picture of this, my husband will never believe me.

Where I was on Shantz Rd I couldn't pull over until I got to the Lucent Building drive way, but the building was blocking the lights. I still can't believe what I saw. I called my husband and told him. While I was on the phone with my husband, I decided to see if I could see it if I kept going further. I drove up and over the hill turned onto the road to go into the industrial park knowing this is where I saw the other light earlier.

I turned onto the road and I saw nothing as if nothing ever happened. There is no way that I was the only one that saw this."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

UFO photographs - Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, October 16, 1957

These photographs was taken by Ella Louise Fortune, who worked as a nurse at the Mescalero Indian Reservation near Three Rivers, New Mexico, driving on Highway 54 on October 16, 1957, and shows an object hovering motionless over the Holloman Air Force Base.