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Saturday, March 13, 2010

USO spotted from casino cruise ship in Massachusetts

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: July 18, 2008
Location of event: Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Massachusetts

On Friday July 18, 2008, at about 10:30 PM, a co-worker and I were taking a 15 minute break on the stern of the SS HORIZONS EDGE BOSTON, a casino cruise ship and company I was employed for at the time out of Lynn, Massachusettes. We were drifting on the outer edge of the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary during casino hours. As we started to make our way back inside the vessel to return to work, we heard a loud "whooshing" sound from about 10 to 15 degrees off the port bow.

This is not an uncommon occurrence as waves continually hit the bow; especially during inclement weather. But we knew right away the sound was a bit "off." We hurried to the port side of the stern and saw what seemed to be a spectral, greenish, faint-glowing, disc-shaped object (at best estimate, about 50 to 100 feet in diameter and about 500 feet out) come clear out of the water and hover for what seemed to be 45 seconds or so.

We both confirmed with each other, that we could "feel" or somewhat "sense" heat coming from the object... (and subsequently would both later suffer from unusual, yet uneventful bouts of dehydration and cold-like symptoms regardless of the amount of fluids we drank.) The object then rose sharply to about 1000 feet and shot away, aft and ascending, until we couldn't see it anymore... that particular movement of the object took less than 10 seconds... there was absolutely no sound of any kind and the erratic movements it made as it came out of the water, was as if someone were hoisting this thing up on the end of a chain and it sawed a bit back and forth.

I have never seen anything like it before or since. Naturally, I have never mentioned this incident to anyone for fear of any social reprisal... and we have subsequently stopped speaking to each other all together. I have only mentioned it here, and will probably never mention it again. I just had to tell someone.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Possible USO observed from Delta Flight DL2220 over Wisconsin

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 2, 2010
Location of event: Near Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I was in Delta Airline flight DL2220 flying from Seattle, WA, to Detroit. I was looking through the window for most of the flight. At about 6:00 AM we were flying over a big city, probably Milwaukee when I noticed glowing lights at a distance several miles ahead of us. I was suddenly amazed because the lights seemed brighter and bigger than all of the city lights combined.

It was the brightest light I had seen from a plane window. I love sitting in a window seat and looking out. What puzzled me was that the lights looked like they were under water. I had the feeling that we were flying over water, so I looked down to make sure. There were few clouds and I could see the ripples on the surface of the water, because the moon was full.

I kept looking at the light as the plane got closer to them. I started getting apprehensive as the plane approached it. It didn't seem man-made. When we finally got over it I was terrified and could look no more because I thought it was going to capture the plane. There was a gentleman sitting in the window seat in front of me. I am sure he saw it too.

I think he was afraid because he turned away too. I wanted to ask him about it but my connecting flight was leaving in a short time, and I was traveling with two others so I didn't have the time to find him in the airport. Now I am going to try to give a detail description of the lights.

I noticed three lights close together under the surface of the water. The biggest one looked like a giant light bulb. It was several miles in diameter. It was yellowish. The one beside it was a little more the half the size and it was reddish. It was also huge - several miles in diameter too.

The third one was smaller and greenish. I will assume that it was less than 2 miles in diameter. They were all brighter than any light I have ever seen except the sun. I do not believe they were from this world. There was another light at a distance the size of a city - it was greenish ,but we didn't fly near it. Unless you guys tell me that there are several gigantic under water projects going on in Lake Michigan, I am going to believe that what I saw was extraterrestrial.