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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meryl Streep convinced of ghost in her guesthouse

“Meryl Streep has heard mysterious noises in her guesthouse in Connecticut over the years, and believes that the place is haunted.

Although the star admits that she is yet to see a ghost, her two unsettling encounters have convinced her of something mysterious going on there.

"Everybody was down at the pool... and I was gathering all the stuff. We were doing some work on the house and we were living in the guesthouse and I was downstairs sitting at a desk and I heard what sounded like a grand piano fall... in the room above my head," the Daily Express quoted Streep as saying…”


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ghost hunters to raise money for 'haunted' temperance building in Harriman, Tennessee

“NASHVILLE, Jan. 15 (Reuters) - Harriman, Tennessee hopes that ghosts, or rather ghost hunters, can raise enough money to restore an historic and reputedly haunted building.

One ghost hunter wants to use the "dark entities" supposedly haunting the 121-year-old Temperance Building, a former jail, to attract both tourists and paranormal enthusiasts to Harriman, which was founded by anti-alcohol crusaders in the 19th century.

Last week, by unanimous vote, the six-person city council agreed to let Ghost Hunters of Southern Tennessee -- G.H.O.S.T. Paranormal -- show footage caught during a night spent inside the city-owned building. It will be aired on January 27 on the web-based Paranormal Network…”


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ghost hunting: Is Phoenix bar haunted?

PHOENIX - In the last 100 years at the Saddle Horn Bar at least three people have died, but owners insist their ghosts are still around.

Owner Jimmy Olaguez insists it’s more than just the things that go bump in the night. He says he’s convinced his security cameras caught a little girl playing at his bar after it was closed for the night. The problem is Olaguez believes she died more than 80 years ago.

"It was so intense," Olaguez recalled seeing the video, “It was just completely in-your-face shocking…”

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A sighting unseen

Who would ever have imagined that an innocent hike in Leominster State Forest on a warm day earlier this year would lead to a discovery that brought three Leominster residents to be featured on one of televisions hottest new shows.

Bill Penning and his wife, Julie decided to take a hike one June afternoon, and after setting out their planned route, got slightly waylaid on a different path.

“We were just walking and talking, heading up to Notown Reservoir when the path split. I wasn’t sure which path to take, so we choose one and started walking on it,” Bill began…


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Police: Mutilated Cow Found at Northland Farm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are investigating after a Northland farmer reported that one of his cows had been found dead and mutilated, apparently by someone who a veterinarian says knew what they were doing.

According to Kansas City Missouri Police, officers responded to a call on Thursday morning to a farm near 120th and Brightwell in rural Platte County, just west of KCI. There, officers said that they found the cow, which had its sexual organs and udder removed.

The cow’s owner, Casey Hamilton, told police that the cow had been ill, and had been moved to another pasture away from the rest of his herd. According to the police report, the cow was alive and recovering when it was last checked on Wednesday night, but was found dead the following morning…


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Ghost hunters eye Harriman's Temperance Building

HARRIMAN — Ghost-hunters encamped overnight with high-tech gear in the city's oldest building claim they took a photo of a "full-bodied apparition" as well as recordings of ghosts talking.

If City Council next Tuesday approves the release of that alleged evidence of ghostly goings-on in the Temperance Building, "It's liable to freak a few people out," Richard Ruland said.

Ruland, a resident of Dayton, Tenn., is founder of G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost Hunters of Southern Tennessee) Paranormal…


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Monday, April 25, 2011

Three unknown objects photographed over Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON: Date of event: January 10, 2011

pa011010“My 26-year-old son and his wife were driving north on Belvoir Road near Plymouth Road intersection, in a brand new less than 100 miles, Toyota Corolla, when my son decided to take a few pictures out the window. The photograph below shows something we saw when we reviewed it. The actual picture on the camera had more visible objects, at least 10 to 20 more.

To put it in today’s words "there was a lot going on up in the sky."  When he took the picture, neither he nor his wife noticed anything unusual in the sky.

I have shown this to other people and got mixed viewpoints from being real UFOs or just plain dirt on windshield. One man I showed picture to come back later with numerous older published photos showing three similar objects in identical formation.

A few days after the taking of the picture I sat in the front seat of the Toyota and looked through windshield at every possible angle and there was no dirt marks or deformities in window.

The car had not been washed from the time of photo up to the time I examined the windshield.”

Friday, January 7, 2011

Unexplained activity intrigues Abilene store staff

“Anyone who has ever read Charles Dickens’ novel “A Christmas Carol” or watched any of the dozens of movie spinoffs knows that three ghosts were responsible for getting the miser Ebenezer Scrooge to see the error of his ways and embrace the true meaning of Christmas.

So, it’s not hard to imagine that ghosts might be trying to make their presence known to people working in a downtown Abilene building.

Dark shadows, cold spots and books flying off shelves are just a few of the unusual events which have occurred in the Case building located at 212 N. Broadway in downtown Abilene...”


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Saturday, April 17, 2010

UFO photographs - Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts, January 13, 1967

This photograph was taken on January 13, 1967 by one W. Varner of USAF. It shows two UFOs hovering over the Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, Massachusetts

Click on the image for higher resolution.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More ghost photographs

This photograph was taken on January 22, 1985 when the Freeman organization was having a dinner event at St. Mary's Guildhall in Coventry, UK. At the moment when this photograph was taken, everyone had her or his head bowed in prayer, including a towering, mysterious figure standing top left. One person that was present at dinner were Lord Mayor Walter Brandish and he later stated that there were know one dressed like that during the dinner and he wasn’t able to explain how it made its way into the photograph.

Click on image for higher resolution.

When James Courtney and Michael Meehan, two crew members S.S. Watertown, were cleaning a cargo tank of the oil tanker as it sailed toward the Panama Canal from New York City in December of 1924, one freak accident happened and they engulfed in gas flames and perished. They men were buried at sea off the Mexican coast on December 4.

But this wasn’t the last they saw of the men. The next day, one of the crew members reported seeing the faces of the two men in the waves close to the ship. They remained there for several seconds before fading out. And for several days thereafter, phantom like faces was seen by the crew. There has never been any explanation for their sightings.

Click on image for higher resolution.

This photograph was taken in 1919, but wasn’t published until 1975. The photograph shows squadron which served World War I at the HMS Daedalus training facility. Upon further inspection, a face can clearly been seen behind the fourth men from the left.

Members of the squadron have reported it to be the face of Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic who had been accidentally killed by an airplane propeller two days earlier. The same day as this photograph was taken, Jackson’s burial had taken place. Some think he was unaware of his death and decided to show up on the group photo.

Click on image for higher resolution.

Report sent to paranormal.about

"I was at the Stanley on a ghost tour," says George. "I came back with four orb pictures (which I can send you if you wish), and upon further investigation I have this one. I didn't notice it until I was on the plane home and zoomed in on all my Stanley pictures. I was shocked at first and have been showing it to people the past few weeks and been getting similar reactions of amazement to people saying it looked like a Cabbage Patch doll. Just thought you might have some ideas.

At first I thought it was a dog, then after zooming closer, it certainly looks like an apparition of a little boy. If you look at the people on the ground they are so clear, when you look at the window it looks like a vision. You'll also notice there is no curtain or glass to distort the view; the window is open."

"I contacted the hotel to find out about the room," George says, "and this is what they said:"
OK, the room number is 1211. Last Friday, there was a single man checked in that room who was part of a business conference. That doesn't mean he DIDN'T have a child with him, but it is unlikely that he did. -- Stanley Hotel

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unknown lights seen by multiple witnesses in Illinois

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 12, 2010
Date of event: January 19, 2010
Location of event: Illinois, USA

"I was taking my daughter home after work this evening. It was about 11:00 at night and we were sitting by her mailbox when we noticed lights down the road towards the rental property she lives in on a farm here.

The lights were small, much like backup lights on a car, so we just thought that it was her landlords working on a farm truck. We sat by the mailbox and waited a minute or so for them to come out of the road. When after a few minutes the lights were still there, I pulled my car up closer to the lights.

As we approached them, they backed up into the hayfield. I had my car window rolled down to listen at the neighbors entrance, where the lights were on the road. Their dogs were barking, crying and howling! We didn’t hear any motor noises from the “farm truck,” and wondered why it backed all the way to the back of the hayfield! Then the two lights got bigger and brighter, though there was no beam.

As soon as we saw them rise up into the air, we knew it wasn’t our friends in any farm truck. I speed up to catch up, and the faster I went, the fast it went. The lights, bigger now, went up and over the fence of the hayfield, across the farmer's road, across the fence to the cow pasture and went along about 15 feet above the ground.

I was speeding at this point, faster than I would have ever driven down the road , maybe 25 mph, but couldn’t catch up. It flew under some power lines and straight up into the air and behind my daughter’s house where it “hung” there until we got into the lot in front of her house.

We sat in front of her house and looked up at the lights for about a minute, when they just “poof” went out, or the thing sped away. We had both front windows of the car open by now, and can verify that there was not a single sound of any motor or of any power plant within the UFO.

And again, there was no beam of light coming in our direction or any other. The lights were just there! We found out the next day that our friend, the landlady of the farm, had seen the lights when she came home, about 30 minutes before we did.

She saw it in the area, above the river, behind the house, in about the same location that we had last seen it. So we know that it had been hanging around for a much longer time than we saw it. We were all very happy to see what we know was a UFO

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Multiple objects hover over river in Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 27, 2010
Location of event: Wilsonville, Oregon

"Upon arriving home from shopping, I was looking south from Wilsonville. I noted a bright, orange, round orb approaching from the southeast.

At first I thought it might be a plane until it stopped mid-air over the Willamette river.

The distance I would estimate was between 1/4-1/2 mile from my position.

The object hung in the air, motionless for several minutes. Looking south, the first object was joined by another orb that was pulsating different colors.

It stopped at the same elevation as the first orb. Both seemed to be about the same diameter, although the orange orb was closer to my vantage point.

This is my first official report of this occurrence.

I have noted lights moving to the river before, but have never had the opportunity to have an unobstructed view.

The orbs hung motionless for a number of minutes at approximately 500 feet altitude.

I went inside to get my binoculars, and upon returning to my vantage spot noted the objects still holding their distance and altitude, but moving together in a northeasterly direction until they both disappeared behind the trees.

Bright, moving object lights hood of motorist's truck in Maine

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 26, 2010
Location of event: Maine, USA

"I was returning from a Town Hall meeting in my small, rural Maine town heading to my home on a rural road. I was driving my newer model pickup truck.

The time was 8:14 PM on January 26, 2010. It was fully dark outside, and the sky was clear.

This road does not have any street lights, and there were no other cars around. About 1/2 mile from my home, a very bright, white light came from behind me in the sky and flew directly over my truck.

It appeared to be a shooting star, but after approximately a second of watching it, it changed direction from straight away from me to a very sharp angle off to my right.

The object did not slow down, flicker, or change intensity as it changed direction. It simply went from going away from me, to going off to my right in the sky.

When it passed over me, it actually lit up the hood of my truck - it was that bright.

I estimate I saw the object for approximately one to two seconds before it changed direction, then for approximately another 1/2 - 1 second after it changed direction... for a total of approximately 1 1/2 seconds to 3 seconds.

After the object changed direction, it simply disappeared.

At first I couldn't (in my mind) reconcile what I had seen. It started out as a really bright shooting star in my mind, but when it changed directions so abruptly, I couldn't come to terms with what I might have witnessed

Monday, February 15, 2010

Unidentified lights create triangle over Kansas

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 9, 2010
Location of event: Pratt, Kansas

"Kansas - 01-10-10 - Viewed over Pratt, Kansas - Saturday January 9, 2010 - 8:55 PM: My date had pointed out the constellation Orion while we were walking up her sidewalk.

We were then looking upwards towards the eastern sky when 3 dim, but distinct white lights forming an equilateral triangle flew overhead at high speed on about an 80 degree easterly heading.

No outline of a craft was visible. The lights each had appearances more like that of illuminated rings rather than being solid, and the intensity of each ring was about that of a medium star that is easily observable.

If there had been street or yard lights nearby, they probably would not have been visible. I definitely feel that they were all on one craft of some sort, as they did not vary in distance or orientation to each other at all.

As for the size, the palm of your hand would have covered them all with your arm extended. The diameter of each ring was approximately 25% of each leg of the triangle. They had already passed overhead when we spotted them at about 75 degrees above the eastern horizon.

I’d estimate that they traveled 30 to 35 degrees of the sky in 3 to 4 seconds, before we lost sight behind the trees and roof. The wind was calm and we heard absolutely no sound.

This craft had just gone out of sight when we spotted a single ring of light of the same magnitude and speed following a parallel path slightly to the south. It may have been slightly larger than the other rings.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Group of Multi-colored Lights Move over South Dakota

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 27, 2010

"My friend Liz and I were driving south on a desolate road south of Sisseton, SD, at exactly 10:19 PM, Wednesday evening, when she said "Dorene what is that?"

When I looked up to the left in the sky, I'd guess 30 miles out traveling south to north was a cluster of the goofiest looking lights I had ever seen.

They were clustered together like one big one, then to the right of that big red light were a few small ones, then a big bright red one again.

It floated erratically across the sky. Liz and I were screaming in the car at the excitement of seeing such an odd-shaped lighting arrangement, when all of a sudden 2 bright, white lights shot out the back of the red-lighted thing, then disappeared.

We watched the cluster of red, amber lights change shape a few times like it was spinning or morphing, always changing, not like a normal craft, which blinks the same continuously until it was behind us, instead of in the front of us, as it turned into a star and stayed stationary a few seconds.

Then we lost sight of it as it just blinked out.

We again started screaming in excitement at what we had just seen. I have become very interested in Ufology in the last few years, and believe we are not alone, and what we saw, I believe, was not of earthly origin.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Triangle UFO seen over Illinois

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 3, 2010
Date of event: January 27, 2010

"My husband and I had just pulled into McDonalds parking lot and stopped the car. I looked up and directly in front of us was a Petsmart. Right over the top of Petsmart I saw three REALLY bright white lights. They were very low and seemed to be sitting still at first. I thought maybe it was just a very low airplane coming straight and that's why it seemed to be moving slow.

Then I could tell it was getting closer, and I even made the comment to my husband, "If thats an airplane it's awfully low." I had looked at the clock and it said exactly 8:45. My husband I both sat and watched it and it was taking forever for it to get to us, considering it was so close to begin with...I looked back at the clock and it was 8:48 and was just getting to be almost directly over our car. My husband got out and went on inside the store (he said he thought it was strange, but he's not really interested in this kind of thing) and I sat in the car and still watched it. I rolled down the windows of the car and there was NO sound at all...even though it almost directly above the car and I could tell at this point that it was a black triangle shaped object. It was just HOVERING...not making a sound, no engine noise or anything. It was really eerie to watch it just gliding along completely silent. It was still moving really slowly and as it banked (sort of like the jets do in the air shows) and got further away, I looked at the clock again and it was 8:51. I watched it till it got far enough away that it was hard to see. It was 8:58 whenever I stopped watching.

I had my cell phone with me and WANTED to take a picture of it, but for one, I've never taken a picture with my cell phone and didn't want to try at that moment to figure it out. Also, I was in total awe of this thing. It was SO pretty and SO huge. I really didn't want to stop watching it, and except for glancing at the clock a few times, I just wanted to keep watching...when it 'banked' to turn it was incredible. It was just gliding along completely husband estimated it to be no more than 300 feet in the air.

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